To ensure that you deliver quality products and services, and adhere to requirements, it is important to calibrate your measurement instruments.

Through calibration you obtain:

  • Evidence that your equipment measures as expected, and that your standards have the values, you expect
  • A measurement uncertainty for your instruments and standards
  • Traceabiliy to ensure that you can document your equipment is reliable, that you adhere to legal requirements, and that you can actually keep what you promise your customers
  • A certificate, which provides alle the information required for certification and for meeting your quality goals

Through calibration at DFM, you get in addition:

  • Calibration carried out by a National Metrology Institute (NMI)
  • Traceability to DFM’s primary standards
  • Calibration at a laboratory accredited by DANAK
  • Calibration against certified reference materials
  • The opportunity to use top-notch calibrations to strengthen your company profile and marketing
  • A guarantee that your equipment has been calibrated with the lowest measurement uncertainty, ensured through the international comparisons of standards and methods DFM participates in with other NMIs