Dimensional Metrology

Ask us about particle metrology, nanometrology, gauge blocks, roughness and other kinds of surface characterizations


Reference materials and calibrations, primary and secondary pH, and electrolytic conductivity


Spectroscopy, light sources, UV, photo-acoustical methods, and much more


Contact thermometry and non-contact (IR) thermometry


Reciprocity and comparison calibration of microphones, free-field and pressure


Calibration of weights at the highest level



Do you require calibration, traceable to a primary standard? We have the technology, methods and the competencies to carry out the calibrations you need  dfm.dk


Do you need a test procedure of your new product, does you company require quality assurance or a certification, or would you like to team up with a development partner with deep knowledge of high-tech projects? Get in contact with us, and find out how we may help dfm.dk

Reference materials

Our certified reference materials (CRMs) are essential to the chain of traceability. Our CRMs allow you to comply with the requirements to quality, documentation and traceability in development and production dfm.dk


Do your procedures require unambiguous documentation of methology, observations and measurements, perhaps including an uncertainty budget? All deliverables from DFM are elaborated in accordance with our quality assurance and ISO-certification dfm.dk

Courses and afternoon meetings

DFM offers, on a regular basis, courses in various disciplines within metrology. In addition to our popular standard courses, listed here, we offer custom-tailored courses. Also, we provide free lectures at our afternoon meetings, which typically take place at DFM in Hørsholm. If you would like us to visit your company and talk about the latest innovations within metrology and measurement science, do not hesitate to contact us dfm.dk

Facilities and Equipment

DFM has an up-to-date fleet of instruments in our laboratories. You may even rent some of the equipment with participation of DFM’s researchers. The list of equipment includes Atomic Force Microscope (AFM), confocal and interference microscopes, and much more. Contact us or see more here.Facilitet knap

Research and Innovation


Quantum Metrology



Length and Nano



Non-contact thermometry

DFM offers calibrations within non-contact (IR) thermometry, in addition to our contact thermometry calibrations. Read more about thermometry here.

New services using AFM

DFM measures adhesion for surfaces and particles at the micro and nano-scale. Also, DFM can now characterize the structural stability of micro crystals’ surfaces. Read more here and here.

Effective fault-location on fibre networks

Our accredited calibration of OTDR-meters allows you to locate cable errors precisely. Read more here.

How about laser safety?!

DFM experiences a growing interest in our customerized courses in laser safety. Read more about the courses  here.

Success at Photonics West!

At Photonics West 2019  DFM highlighted our Stabiλaser 1542, a laser source with exceptional stability and accuracy to support the latest research. We also introduced the Stabiλaser 771, a frequency-doubled variant of the Stabiλaser 1542.

Read more about PW2020 here and take a look at our Stabiλaser web pages here

Imaging scatterometry!

A new mehod developed by DFM provides robust and fast measurements of structures.

Read more here dfm.dk