MASS calibrations

Do you need high accuracy mass standards for calibration of other weights or weighing instruments?

We calibrate mass standards at the highest level of accuracy, including weights of OIML class E1 and E2, in the range from 1 mg to 20 kg. Mass values and conventional values are both reported in our certificates. Complete weight sets are calibrated by the subdivision/multiplication principle using a 1 kg reference standard as the starting point. The reference standard used is regularly calibrated directly against the Danish copy (no 48) of the International Prototype Kilogram kept at the BIPM. The data analysis is performed using a state-of-the-art general least squares method developed at DFM. The quality of the calibration is monitored by inserting DFM check standards in the weight set to be calibrated and by checking the consistency of the measurements performed.

The calibration service is carried out under DANAK accreditation no. 255 and is covered by the CIPM MRA. The minimum expanded uncertainty U (k = 2) quoted for the calibration of a mass standard of nominal mass M is given in the table below.

Uncertainty of calibrations

1 mg 0,40 µg 10 g 4,0 µg
2 mg 0,41 µg 20 g 4,7 µg
5 mg 0,42 µg 50 g 6,7 µg
10 mg 0,45 µg 100 g 10 µg
20 mg 0,52 µg 200 g 14 µg
50 mg 0,70 µg 500 g 28 µg
100 mg 1,0 µg 1 kg 50 µg
200 mg 1,1 µg 2 kg 0,21 mg
500 mg 1,4 µg 5 kg 0,69 mg
1 g 1,8 µg 10 kg 1,5 mg
2 g 2,0 µg 20 kg 5,0 mg
5 g 2,8 µg

The pricing of the service is found here.

“We get our traceability at DFM for the fields of mass and conductivity, where DFM has an internationally leading position. It is important for the productions of pharmaceutical products that we can get this traceability. Through DFM we have also obtained knowledge on measurements at a high level, and not the least through the custom-tailored courses”. 

Hans Peter Hansen, H. Lundbeck