Product sheets, Electrochemistry

Certified reference solutions (CRM) for conductivity

Certified reference solutions (CRM) for pH

Calibration of sensors and measurement systems for conductivity

Secundary pH-buffer calibrations


Product sheets, Length (incl. nano and particle metrology)

Calibration within Length (general overview)

Calibration of roughness meters

Calibration of roughness standards

Test of 3D-printed surfaces

Calibration of opto-mechanical hole plates

Confocal and interference microscopy

Calibration of particle counters

Certified nano particles



Replication for the characterization of hard-to-access surfaces

Measurement of micro-crystals

Microadhesion: Quantification of the adhesion forces of surfaces using AFM

Characterization of Drug Delivery Systems using AFM


Product sheets, Photonics

OTDR calibration

PAS technology (photo-acoustic spectroscopy)

RIN measurements (relative intensity noise)

Stabilaser 1542

Quantitative Raman Spectroscopy

Raman Consulting


Product sheets, Thermometry

Contact thermometry

Non-contact (IR) thermometry



SDS – Safety Data Sheet

Reference material 0.01 S/m R03.001

Reference material 0.1 S/m R03.002

Reference material 1 S/m R03.003

Reference material 10 S/m R03.004

Reference material Primary pH buffer ‘Phthalate’ (pH = 4.005) R03.101

Reference material Primary pH buffer ‘1:1 phosphate’ (pH = 6.865) R03.102

Reference material Primary pH buffer ‘1:3.5 phosphate (pH = 7.413) R03.103

Reference material Primary pH buffer ‘Borate’ (pH = 9.180) R03.104

Reference material Primary pH buffer ‘Carbonate’ (pH = 10.012) R03.105

Awarded paper on calibration of UPW (ultra pure water)

“Direct Traceability for Ultra-Pure Water Conductivity” by Hans D. Jensen, DFM

The development of a measurement cell which allows directly traceable measurements of the UPW conductivity.

Read the paper here.

Nanometrology - an introduction | Poul-Erik Hansen DFM et al.

Why should we care about nanometrology?
Why is nanometrology important?
What are the main challenges for nanometrology?
Nanotechnology takes place at the atomic, molecular, meso- and microscopic levels where at least one dimension is below 100nm.
This guide introduces the reader to the science of measurements at the nanoscale, that is nanometrology.

Download here.

Metrology in short

The main purpose of “Metrology – in short” 3rd edition is to increase awareness of metrology and to establish a common metrological frame of reference. It is meant to provide users of metrology with a transparent and handy tool to obtain metrological information.

Download here.