DFM offers accredited calibration of particle counters, covered by ISO 21501-4.

DFM’s accreditation covers the Counting Efficiency (CE). However, driven by customers’ requests, DFM also offers the following tests according to ISO 21501-4, outside our accreditation:

  • False count rate
  • Sampling flow rate
  • Sampling time
  • Response rate

The reference aerosol used for the calibrations contains particles that are measured by DFM under accreditation. For this reason, the size of the particles are traceable to the SI-definition of the meter.

For further details, please take a look at out product leaflet here.


Certification of particles size

Micro- and nanoparticles for reference applications, such as polystyrene latex particles, are measured with an Atomic Force Microscope (AFM). You can supply your own sample of particles for measurement or obtain a sample produced at DFM. Available particle sizes range from 100 nm and 5 µm.

The certified particle size is traceable to the SI-definition of the meter and is DANAK accredited (accreditation nr. 255).